Implementing Reprivata’s SASE platform is smart

Getting started is easier than you might imagine

We help you “crawl, walk, run” to meet the CSF

At first glance, the CSF can seem overwhelming. While internal and external collaboration is a foundational element, it’s typically difficult to achieve.

Organizations lack:

Information or data (Infrequent Assessment)

Actionable Data

Agreement of what to share and when

A uniform way of sharing information

A uniform nomenclature/taxonomy

There are also real fears:

Disclosure (legal and competitive)


Reprivata’s SASE platform is the total solution

Our implementation process allows you to start small and build smart.

Step One:
Community of Trust Network
- Enables internal collaboration
- Enables contract and risk management collaboration
Step One:
Step Two:
Global Threat Intelligence
- Helps Supply Chain risk management
Step Two:
Step Three:
CoT Legal Framework
- Clearly defines the boundaries of your network and the rules of engagement
Step Three:
Step Four:
CoT Privacy Authority
- Addresses all privacy regulations worldwide including GDPR and CCPA
Step Four:
Step Five:
Security First Academy
- Helps organizations and their partners understand cyber risks security vulnerabilities
Step Five:

Establishing your SASE platform is a process

Start small – start here. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you become Reprivata ready for what’s now and whatever’s next.

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