Community of Trust Network

They can't hack your network

Blocks & Cloaks IP Visibility

Reprivata’s Community of Trust Network is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform that blocks/cloaks IP visibility – no public IP address, no “call home,” no public DNS and no forced reliance on public Certificate Authority.

What it is

The only encryption solution that replicates the NSA standards for National Security Systems (NSS) built entirely out of software
Secure communications and Micro-Segmentation software certified by multiple independent third parties
Rigid adherence to multiple standards including NIST Cyber Security Framework and CMMC
SASE platform that is accessible via an application on any device
Implementable as an image - highly scalable and affordable

What it does

Deploys a secure encrypted private network layer on top of any IP network or Internet
Secures any transport layer, device (BYOD) and operating system
Dynamically deploys private and secure networks out of software
Enables highly-secure communications – voice, data, file sharing
Includes private Certificate Authority and Private DNS

Reprivata’s Community of Trust Network establishes the Community of Trust™ service provider as a CoT™ Privacy Authority

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Reprivata’s SASE platform includes Security First Academy, a learning management platform designed to help organizations and their partners learn about cyber risks, uncover existing security vulnerabilities and be ready to take action.