COVID-19 has created a cybersecurity crisis that cannot be solved by a VPN alone.

Millions of workers are now working from home – often with their own devices.

Welcome to the new reality of the remote workforce. COVID-19 hasn’t just forced employees to work remotely, it’s created a dream scenario for cybercriminals worldwide.

Millions of workers are now accessing corporate networks with little – if any – cybersecurity. The door to your network isn’t just unlocked, it’s wide open.

It’s time to think beyond bandwidth.

The math is eye-opening and frightening. Every time an organization connects a remote worker to its network, thousands of backdoors are instantly opened to cybercriminals. Now multiply the number of devices by the number of employees…

The cybersecurity crisis that has been created by COVID-19 is simply unprecedented.

Cybercriminals using COVID-19 themed phishing schemes to trick users to click on malicious links and attachments


Telework is creating a new, expansive attack vector – workers are using their own devices and networks.


Cyber threat intelligence reports point to collaboration between cybercriminals and nation-states.


The global economic downturn will lead to escalating cyberattacks on Western economies.


The pandemic could last as long as 18 months.

VPNs were not designed to manage a cybersecurity challenge of this magnitude.

Even for a limited number of remote workers, working with secure corporate devices, a VPN still offers limited protection.

Protects users’ activity from observation.
Protects traffic between remote offices and HQ.
Protects tele-workers from local snooping, especially when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

For millions of remote workers, many using personal devices, the inherent weaknesses of VPNs are magnified leaving networks unsecure and open to cybercriminals.

Browser signatures and cookies are not obfuscated.
Websites can still track numerous activities unless additional measures are taken.
The Internet is still accessible and various attack surfaces remain exposed.
Vulnerable to inside hacking - does not inherently offer micro segmentation.
Vulnerable to malware on remote devices - does not block “Call Home” activity.
Blacklisting of threats vs. whitelisting of resources.
Typically, a hardware-based solution with limited security and scalability.

On the surface, companies have three choices – none that actually address the crisis.

Do nothing and hope COVID-19 is quickly controlled so workers can return to their traditional work environments.


Invest in additional VPN & endpoint hardware so every employee has an approved, secure device.


Hire a managed security service provider and be completely dependent on their cybersecurity skills, experience and resources.


The first isn’t realistic or responsible. The second will take a tremendous investment of time and treasure. The third means relying entirely on a contracted third-party.

Fortunately, Reprivata offers a solution that fully addresses the cybersecurity challenges created by the rapid expansion of telework.

Unlike appliance-based VPNs, Reprivata’s Community of Trust Network (COTN) is an IP-sec-based VPN with Intent Based Network Segmentation.

The new reality of the remote workforce must be that it works for everyone. Every device. Every network. Every digital identity. Everything made secure through the COTN.

Reprivata’s patented COTN expands capacity & security for teleworkers overnight through Intent Based Network Segmentation. It’s a proven solution that can be implemented almost immediately.

Quickly scale to thousands of users without the need for expensive proprietary hardware.

The COTN instantly expands the capacity of existing VPNs while adding a remarkable layer of security – blocks/cloaks IP visibility – no public IP address, no “call home,” no public DNS and no forced reliance on public Certificate Authority.

Regardless of the device being used, even personal devices, with the COTN your network remains secure.

The COTN by Reprivata™ locks down any device.

The only encryption solution that replicates the NSA standards for National Security Systems (NSS) built entirely out of software.


The first secure communications and Micro-Segmentation platform to be certified by UL Cyber Assurance Program 2900.


Rigid adherence to NIST US Cybersecurity Framework.


Integrates interconnection, data protection and information sharing agreements.


Accessible via an application on any device.


Implementable as an image - highly scalable and affordable – limitless numbers of users.


The advantages are significant.

The COTN creates a secure, encrypted, private network that provides:

  • Encryption, Routing and Networking Services
  • Critical Communication and Collaboration Applications
  • Privacy Controls

With Intent Based Network Segmentation, you have total control of your Community of Trust Network.

Different employees can be granted different levels of access to your network. That means people only access what they need. The COTN can also be “turned on and turned off” as necessary. It isn’t just highly scalable, it’s almost instantly scalable.

Let us help you keep your business in business.

In every industry, COVID-19 is profoundly changing how people work and many of these changes could be permanent. Reprivata’s Community of Trust Network is the one solution that fully addresses this emerging cybersecurity crisis.

Contact us and discover how our COTN can be added to your existing VPN to immediately increase capacity while adding a critical layer of cybersecurity.

Every device. Every network. Every digital identity. Everything made secure through the COTN.

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