Cyber-Threat University

A learning management platform designed to help organizations and their partners secure their customers’ data as well as their organization’s future

Cyber Risk Education

Through Cyber-Threat University, the enterprise and their third parties can learn about cyber risks, uncover existing security vulnerabilities and be ready to take action.

Security to the 6th Power™

S1 Educate
Organizations, Third Party Vendors and Employees learn with curriculums and videos how to protect their business using NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, GDPR and CCPA best practices
S2 Calculate
Measure the impact of a potential security breach using three proprietary calculators: Data Security Breach, GDPR Breach & CCPA Breach
S3 Assess
Unique Risk Assessments are available to management, supervisory personnel, third party vendors and employees
S4 Score
Assessment results graphically represent how vulnerable an organization, third party vendors and employees are to a cyber attack
S5 Plan
Access a comprehensive Action Plan tailored specifically to an organization, third party vendor or employee based on their completed Risk Assessments or Cyber Education courses
S6 Secure
Connect with trusted security vendors to address the vulnerabilities documented in the Action Plan

Cyber Training & Tools

Cyber-Threat University delivers valuable, simple and economical security controls, training and tools that are needed to help companies confront and overcome their greatest exposure to liability – Cyber Crime.

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