Global Threat Intelligence

A cyber version of RADAR that detects and interdicts threats early in the cyber kill chain

Real-Time Threat Mitigation

With Global Threat Intelligence, threats are identified, analyzed and classified and the threat is mitigated or blocked in real-time.

What it is

Scalable, Distributable Threat Detection and Information Sharing System
Real-time SOC Active Defense
Real-time monitoring of third-party risk and information sharing

What it does

It’s like Radar but even smarter
Provides threat intelligence over the horizon at recon stage
Interdicts threats in real-time for active defense
Provides an extensible threat view (dashboard) to third parties
Actionable threat intel drives internal and external collaboration

Global Threat Intelligence enhances traditional perimeter security by adding a cyber version of RADAR to detect and interdict incoming threats early in the cyber kill chain as they reach the perimeter but before they penetrate the defenses.

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