CoT Legal Framework

Integrates interconnection, data protection and information sharing agreements

Agreements between all parties

Reprivata has created a legal framework and contract management system that enables standardized agreements between employees and the enterprise, as well as third parties and the entire supply chain.

What it is

Standardized Master Agreements - Cyber Interconnection Security, Privacy Data Protection, and Information Sharing Agreements
Cyber-focused uniform legal agreements (Master Agreements)
Agreements encoded in a format that is both human and machine readable

What it does

Defines the legal and technical demarcs for interconnecting
Defines the rules for interconnecting third parties
Defines the cyber maturity standards for third parties (at any level required including department, workgroup, division, or enterprise)
Specifies the rules around information sharing and collaboration while protecting individual, employee and company data
Maps to a minimum standard NIST CSF Tier 3 (mandates collaboration)
Integrates interconnection, data protection and information sharing agreements
Includes legal collaboration, work flow process to streamline implementation

Reprivata’s CoT™ Legal Framework provides a step-by-step plan that is designed to strengthen appropriate cybersecurity controls and achieve a higher maturity level over time for not only the Enterprise, but also its third parties.

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