CoT Privacy Authority

Collects, tracks, and monitors all data inside the Community of Trust

Enabling Global Access

Having Reprivata’s CoT™ Privacy Authority means being able to securely access data logically and legally from anywhere in the world.

What it is

CoT™ Privacy Authority that can expand and grow with the Community of Trust Network
Flexible CoT™ framework intended to span a variety of functions necessary to monitor and protect the Community of Trust Network, its members, and their private and personal data
Log ingestion and analysis engine responsible for monitoring the system logs of all of the various subsystems; the operating system, the encrypted tunnel, the VoIP and XMPP switches, the file-sharing, and email services

What it does

Anonymizes privacy data on individuals
Enables tracking and monitoring of data down to the individual level at multiple nodes
Gives individuals a way to legally own their own digital identity
Utilizes an internal database to track and monitor individuals’ PII as needed
Provides the framework for tracking users instances across multiple Communities of Trust

Reprivata’s CoT™ Privacy Authority addresses all privacy regulations worldwide including GDPR and CCPA.

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